Jen Jens



A1 春卷                Fried Eggrolls (3)   $3.45
A2 蟹角               Crab Rangoons (6)   $4.45
A3 蛋花湯           Egg Drop Soup   $2.25
A4 酸辣湯           Hot and Sour Soup   $2.75

A5 酥炸蝦丸       Deep Fried Crispy Shrimp Balls (6)   $7.45

S1  腰果雞球       Cashew Chicken   $9.99
S2  豉椒雞球      Chicken with black bean sauce and green pepper   $10.75
S3  公保雞球      Kung-Pow Chicken   $9.99
S4  雙東雞球      Chicken with mushrooms and bamboo shoots   $9.99
S5  毛菇雞球      Moo Goo Gai Pan   $9.99
S6  魚香雞球      Chicken Szcechuan Style   $9.99
S7  左宗堂雞      General Tso’s Chicken   $9.99
S8  魚香肉絲      Sliced pork Szcechuan Style   $9.99
S9  雜菜牛肉      Beef with vegetables   $9.99
S10 魚香牛肉      Beef Szcechuan Style   $9.99
S11 雪豆牛肉       Beef with Snow Peas   $9.99
S12 雙東牛肉      Beef with Mushrooms and Bamboo Shoots   $9.99
S13 蔥爆牛肉      Scallions sautéed with Beef   $10.99
S14 公保蝦球      Kung-Pow Shrimp   $13.50
S15 豉椒蝦球      Shrimp with black bean sauce and Green Pepper   $13.50
S16 雜菜蝦球      Shrimp with vegetables   $13.50
S17 甜 酸 蝦        Sweet and Sour Shrimp   $13.50
S18 雪豆蝦球      Shrimp with Snow Peas   $13.50
S19 素 雜 錦        Mixed Chinese Vegetables   $8.95
S20 魚香芥蘭     Broccoli Szcechuan Style   $8.95
S21家常豆腐       Tofu Family Style   $8.95

炒飯類       Fried Rice

R1  雞 炒 飯          Chicken Fried Rice   $7.75
R2  蝦 炒 飯         Shrimp Fried Rice   $7.75
R3  牛肉炒飯       Beef Fried Rice   $7.75
R4  叉燒炒飯       Pork Fried Rice   $7.75
R5  雜錦炒飯       Combination Fried Rice   $7.75
R6  雜菜炒飯       Vegetable Fried Rice   $7.75
R7  絲苗白飯       Steam Rice (bowl)   $1.25

撈麵類       Lo Mein

L1  雞 撈 麵          Chicken Lo Mein   $8.45
L2  蝦 撈 麵         Shrimp Lo Mein   $8.45
L3  牛肉撈麵       Beef Lo Mein   $8.45
L4  叉燒撈麵       Pork Lo Mein   $8.45
L5  雜錦撈麵       Combination Lo Mein   $8.45
L6  雜菜撈麵       Vegetable Lo Mein   $8.45